My heart was ripped apart by disappointment

Like a knife piercing its way through the midline

My smile disguised the tears that accompanied me in my long lonely nights …

I felt the world slithering me underneath the wings of a raven..

Pushing me so forcefully into the dark

Making sure I was far from any beam of light

I lost faith ..

I thought I was alone..

But there you were..

In the corner.. waiting for me

A bright light shining through all the darkness

Like a sirus shining through space

Holding on to my last breath I try to reach out for you..

I saw your eyes and thought I was staring at the moon..

I held your hand and hope took over my body..

I felt your arms around me .. I felt complete..

I don’t want tomorrow if it’s not by your side..

I want to laugh and cry right next to you

I want you to Inject your pain in my veins

Breathe your sorrow into me

Release your worries down my spine

I want to love you like no other soul has loved you before..

There’s no doubt about it .. I’m crazy about you!

I feel my heart racing every time I see you..

Without any hesitation I would trade anything for your happiness 

Cuz your smile is what it would take for me to survive

I want to make every dream of yours come true

I want to to take you everywhere you want  .. Any place, any time

I want to heal all your wounds..

Resurrect the meaning of life in you..

I want to make your soul sing along to every happy lullaby..

I want to be your reason to live ..

Cuz you are mine

I want to be your miracle..

Cuz you are mine!

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