We Are Obsessed With Chaos


If you are losing a friend or losing yourself
If you’ve been lied to or deeply wounded
If people are laughing at your face when you are feeling sad
Just hold on and know that you are not alone
We think of all the people and places we loved
Nothing feels the same anymore
It seems like our hearts grew colder
Or is it just the world around us?
We want to escape this world
But we can feel the poison running in our veins..
Suffocating us!
We lay motionless on the ground…
Hoping that this is all a dream
We open our mouths to scream the pain away…
But we are silenced by the misplaced wounds
We feel like puppets …
The strings that people play with are our emotions
And they are waiting for the right time just to hurts us!
We are tired of living in the dark
We miss the light…
We miss the colors of the world
But our feelings are already dead …
And there’s nothing out there to lift us up
Our minds constantly deceive us
And our heart beats could easily reveal us
Our bodies have become our prison
We start to accept this
We become so obsessed with the chaos
And we sing hallelujah along with it
We start to see ourselves in a different light
We separate ourselves from reality…
We pretend that there are no flaws around us
We fool ourselves and hide behind our lies
We make up a reason to keep hanging on
We see the shadows smirking
Welcoming us to their territory…
We feel the cold wind greeting us
We feel torn and broken
We surrender..
We sit in void..
We tare our scars wide open..
And bleed them all out!
Oddly enough we feel ready for new scars!
We are definitely obsessed with this chaos!

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