Dying Started To Sound A Lot Like Life


Trying to fill up my lungs
Trying to get rid of this numbness
Is everything I believe in so distant?
Or am I only starting to block the feeling of hope?
Some scars still feel fresh
Like a bullet just pierced me
and ricocheted …
Dying started to sound a lot like life
And no matter how strong I seem
I’m just as scared as anyone else
I want to hum away all my fears
Pick up all the shattered pieces
And draw a method to my happiness
I open my heart to the closest people
But the closer we get
The more they hide
And I feel deserted
Uninvited to their worlds
I stand on my weak feet …
trying to be my own savior
Sometimes all I need is loneliness
All I need is a shadow over me
To cover me …
To hide me from this world
There are empty places in my soul
That keep dying slowly with time
It always feels like something’s missing
And no matter how much I tell the world
Words won’t be enough
If only someone could look me deep in my eyes
Look through me
Stand in my shoes
walk a thousand miles
Count the dead roses in my heart..
See the tears behind my smile..
Feel my restless breaths..
Touch my bleeding wounds..
And notice all the suffering
The voices in my head sometimes scream so loudly
I stay still and close my eyes
I feel something die inside me
I try to take a walk outside my mind
But wherever I go messed up hallucinations keep following me
People tell me I am lucky I have it all
Can’t they see
It’s written on my face
I am already half dead!
and in the end…
As my body lay under the sand
Would someone finally hear my whispers of pain?

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