Standing in the Shadows of A Dream…


She lights up a candle
She holds it so tight in her hand
She starts to change the colors of her skin
She closes her eyes so tightly letting the pain shatter through her body
She drops the candle
And she screams…
The pain slowly fades away
And when the hour is night
She raises her head and stares at the moon
She sees her reflection…
It is as fractured as it has always been…
She throws herself in the arms of pain
Everything inside her is screaming
She tries to listen to the raged devil inside her
But emptiness is all she can hear
She calls and shouts
But her echo is the only voice coming back…
She holds a mirror
She tries to smile..
But all she sees is despair kissing her lips
And as the night is growing darker
She raises her head again and gazes at the stars
Searching for a beam of hope
She starts to paint a picture in her head
But reality holds the brush and stains it black
She feels caged inside a nightmare
She struggles to keep herself calm
She hears a voice saying please don’t hurt me
A million times she tries to ignore it
But she just crashes down as the whisper reaches her ear
She turns blind by her tears
Her tears reach her tongue
They taste so sour, so bitter
She turns around looking for someone
Looking for something to at least make her smile
But she only finds herself standing in the shadows of what she once called her dream
And these walls that surround her feel like prison
She feels her heart beating in her throat
She cuts herself from the pain
She wounds herself and let it hurt
Her soul cries for deliverance
She wishes to wake up one day not feeling broken
Not feeling tormented by anything
She stands up so slowly
She walks in circles
She stares at the corners of this cage
She lifts her violin and rests it gently on her shoulder
She holds the bow and starts to play
Her heart mourns with every move her arm makes
Her spirit feels colder with each symphony she plays
She wants to feel a touch of life on her corpse
She wants to know what it feels like to be alive

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