A Brand New Me! … To Every Bully Out There!


They say music can keep your mind off of things!
where are my headphones? I want to listen to that melody, it’s got a soothing ring to it!
I cant keep thinking about those painful people around me!
I don’t think anyone will ever understand the sacrifices that I make!
I’m sick of this!
I need my life back!
I don’t wanna take anything from anyone anymore!
You keep treating me like a pair of shoes that can be thrown away whenever you’re sick of them!
Now my respect I demand it!!
You expect me to break!!
Well I won’t!
I won’t even bend for you!
You can never trigger me or figure me out!
You call me a FREAK! well at least have the decency in you to say it to my face!
I deserve respect!
I am never giving in again!
I grew cold hearted towards you now!
Well it’s about time!
I won’t ever stand in your shadow again, or be your silhouette for that matter!
You think you burned my engine!
well I’m sorry to break the news for you, but you actually burned the fuel and started it!
I lost the round but I’m not losing the battle!
I’ll shoot the bullets to win if I had to!
You can see my marks and my scars to know how serious I am!
I used to hate my reflection because of you!
But I am getting up and fixing every mirror I broke!
I’d drink gasoline before I’d let this get to me again!
You took my weakness for granted!
You pushed me around!
You manipulated me!
Played games on me!
Am I making you look bad? Well guess what? You are!!
I’ll be nice to you when Jack the Ripper doesn’t sound like a criminal anymore!
Who am I kidding? Not even then!!
You came to my world and turned the lights off!
I never showed you how much it hurts!
Your words just pierced through me!
You filled my heart with hate!
If you only saw how lonely and cold I felt!
You stepped on me! On my pride!
Because of you I’ve been broken for so long!
Well instead of sitting there feeling sorry for myself, I am getting back up again!
All of this made me stronger! I am keeping my head up!
Re-introducing me to myself! To my friends! To the world!
A brand new me!
A brand new page!
A whole different story!

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