I look up!


A foggy morning whispers so softly today…
A drop of rain salutes me very quietly …
The shades of gray cage me inside..
It’s the same old bittersweet day…
I look up…
I am one of the forgotten…
A tear burns my flesh to flames as it falls down my cheek
I close my eyes and just let it hurt..
Is this an empty promise?
Tell me now! How many times will you stab my heart?
I try to tell you how much it hurts
But I know you’d just laugh at my face..
There are some things that are better left unspoken…
And now that I’m deeply wounded…
This world only seems like a burden on my shoulders
Does life itself has a meaning anymore?
Or has love started to mimic hate’s actions?
So much confusion clouds my way
I wish I could only see what I wanna believe..
But this seems so out of reach
I wish I could stand stronger and not just let the wind drift me away
But I don’t wanna be stranded again…
It feels like torture to be left behind…
To be misplaced…
I try to deal the cards of happiness
But solitude is leading me astray.
And when the melody is not calming me down, tell me what am I supposed to do?!
Someone save me now!
I don’t wanna lay motionless on the ground again
I feel so dead inside…
So let down…
So stepped on…

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