Death Fell In Love With Her…


They say if you love a person so much you would replace your happiness with theirs…
I see it in her eyes, I sense it from her words, my happiness is all she cares about. I never thought I’d feel that way too.
I never thought I would say those words, but wherever she is I belong, wherever she goes I will follow and whatever she does I adore!

You know what they say” Every story has an ending”
Unfortunately not always a happy one!
Death fell in love with her and held her tight between its arms
I have known her for three beautiful years
Never thought this love would die so soon …
Yet again the burden of losing someone rests upon my shoulders and its weight seems unbearable….
And now it feels like I am locked in a dream…
A nightmare to be precise
Tears have turned from sweet to sour and that feeling of bitterness came knocking on my door…
My days keep growing darker..
She had to go and I am left behind deeply wounded…
My heart screaming in every broken breath I take!
I wish I can see her one more time, hear her call my name once again
And as I walk down the streets trying to forget about my yesterday, searching my very soul, I know deep inside my spirit has been murdered!!

I have never really talked to anyone about this, with every single detail and every single emotion…
It has been caged inside me for two years … and now… Still caged…
I am scared that I won’t make sense to the people around me
Or they might just laugh at my face and tell me to get over it!!
But I miss her!
And I want someone beside me, to sing me a song at a time, wrap me with their calming words so tight, tell me not to worry, not to fear anything!

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